We can get "free" compressed air energy audits from an air compressor supplier. Why do you charge for it?

The result of your “free” air energy audit will be a quotation for a brand new variable speed drive air compressor! If you really want to save energy, take the demand off the system which will switch compressors off. This will really cut your energy bills, servicing costs and reduce your carbon emissions.

However, to do this will take an experienced engineer time to investigate your system in order to work out exactly what’s required to do it. The costs of our survey and any remedial works will be a drop in the ocean compared to the cost of installing and operating an air compressor.

What do you mean by "Independent Company?"

A manufacturers authorised distributor has to promote all the products the particular manufacturer makes, even when some of their products may not be all that efficient or reliable. We don’t. We select what we feel is the best product for the application.

How much energy can we save by fixing the system rather than just buying a new more efficient air compressor to meet the existing air demand?

Government figures state that approximately 25% of the power consumed by an air compressor is wasted in the form of leakage and incorrect pressure control. It can be a high as 50%. So, if you installed a new air compressor you’d still waste at least 25% energy. That’s 25kw for every 100kw you install!

Why should we consider the distribution system before the air compressors?

Considering the compressors first is like the Captain of a sinking ship wanting to install efficient high speed pumps rather than fixing the hole in the bottom of the boat. If you fixed the distribution system after the compressors you’d probably find that the compressors were too big and they would then operate inefficiently.

A relatively small amount of money invested in the distribution system can save a significant amount of energy. Return on investment is generally months rather than years. See DETR good practice guides.

Are you saying that all our energy savings can be made in the distribution system?

No, just that if you fix the distribution system first, you would then know what you’d have to do in the compressor house to further improve your efficiency and reduce your electricity bills. You may still need a more efficient compressor but it would be a lot smaller than the one you would install if you initially looked at energy savings in the compressor house.

What experience do you have?

There are six guys in our team and no one with less than 20 years experience working within the compressed air industry. We feel that we are experts in: Compressed air system design, pipe work installation, controls & instrumentation, refrigeration. We have members of the Society of Operation Engineers and the British Compressed Air Society. We are a practical “hands on” team and we’re proud to say that none of us has an MBA.

We've been told by our insurance company that we don't need a written scheme of examination. They would cover any costs from accidents arising due to failure of the compressed air system.

So, they pay the bill if someone gets killed. However this wouldn’t stop the HSE prosecuting the Directors of the Company and effectively sending them to jail. Under pressure systems safety legislation it is a legal requirement that every compressed air system must have a written scheme of examination.

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