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Compressed air is a vital resource in your production process. But it’s also a significant contributor to your power bill: energy accounts for 75% of the lifetime cost of a compressed air system. Another sobering fact is that up to 30% of the energy is wasted. Or in other words, a lot of money disappears into thin air. Air Energy Management has devised a highly accurate survey and reporting system to pinpoint the areas where potential savings can be made in your plant. The approach is to first discover exactly where the energy drain originates from and then to take the appropriate actions to remedy the situation.

The survey is tailored to the needs of each customer and his installation.

Stage 1 – Initial System Evaluation

Are you looking for an air compressed energy audit? If so, the initial pre survey rates the efficiency of your entire compressed air system, including pipework, identifying where energy is being lost and recommended action to saving money. It may be that your system is efficient enough to stop at this point.

Stage 2 – Complete System Survey

The survey measures, audits and reviews every element of your compressed air system in detail. Yet, despite its thoroughness, in most cases the survey is non-intrusive and will not require your compressed air system to be shut down.

The initial diagnostic evaluation would identify the areas in which to concentrate and subsequently the complete survey could include:-

Pressure Mapping
Schematic Drawing with pressure mapping to evaluate the efficiency of the compressed air distribution system. The pressure drop across the system can be determined as well as any necessary modifications required to achieve a reduction in compressed air generation pressure. 1 barg reduction in generation pressure saves 7% power.

Flow & Pressure Measurement

This test accurately measures and logs the delivered flow of compressed air on any compressor make or type. The flow meter can be inserted into an existing point or the system can be “hot tapped”, without interrupting your production.

Compressor Efficiency
Data logging to measures consumed power, non-intrusively, to evaluate compressor efficiency.
This is available for all types of compressors over a predetermined period, usually 7 days. The results give an accurate overview of the money you are spending annually on the production of compressed air.

Leak Detection
Compressed air leakage is synonymous for evaporating money! Between 10 and 25% leakage is typical in most systems. Our leak detection identifies, tags and quantifies these leaks throughout your compressed air system. To immediately start saving money, repairs can be performed during the audit.

Air Quality Evaluation
This evaluates the type of air quality required for each production process and determines if the current air quality is suitable for the application.

Health & Safety
Evaluates system compliance with pressure systems safety regulations & condensate discharge regulations.Using the logged information, a detailed report is compiled, including cost analysis, graphs and a list of recommendations for improving your system’s performance.

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