Compressed Air Leak Surveys 

Here at Air Energy Management, we provide leak detection services and compressed air leak surveys for businesses across the UK. 

Air leakage is the largest single waste of energy in most factories and costs you money. Leakage rates up to 50% of site consumption are common and incorrect pressure control combined with leakage can account for 70% of your total energy consumption.

Our vehicles are fully stocked with all the necessary pneumatic fittings & equipment to repair 95% of all compressed air leaks detected at first pass.

This means that leak repairs could be undertaken on a “Find & Fix” basis with a documented report for customers who prefer an immediate result.

Alternatively, we can undertake a more traditional approach to leak detection supplying a full report and effecting any subsequent repairs.

Air Energy Management can provide a leak detection service, quantify the leakage costs and provide a solution to help prevent the re-occurrence of air leaks.

All findings and notable highlights from your air leak survey will be effectively communicated and reported to you so that you are fully aware of any necessary repairs and precautionary measures you need to take.

For professional compressed air leak surveys from a company you can trust, choose Air Energy Management.

Why Do You Need Compressed Air Leak Surveys?

Unfortunately, air leaks happen more than you think due to wear and tear over the years. By choosing to undergo a compressed air leak survey, you can improve the efficiency of your business, help save money and energy.

If a leak isn’t repaired of fixed, it will continue to cost you money ever day. By investing in our air leak surveys and letting our experts identify and stop your air leakage, we can restore the effectiveness and efficiency of your compressors.

If air leakage isn’t seen too as soon as possible, it may cause your compressors to completely break down which may result in investing in a completely brand new compressor. As you can imagine, this is preventable and to be avoided if possible.

For Trusted Compressed Air Leak Surveys, Call Us Today!

With many years’ experience in performing and completing compressed air leak surveys at a range of commercial and industrial properties, Air Energy Management are here for you. If you are seeking leak detection services in your area and wish to instruct a reputable company, we are here to help. For more information or for further details about the many other services we offer to our customers across the UK, contact us today.

If you require compressed air leak surveys or if you would like to request a check-up on your system, call Air Energy Management today on 01942 703854 or use our simple online contact form to find out more from our expert, reliable and experienced team.

Compressed Air Leak Surveys

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    Air Leak Surveys

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