Compressed Air Leak Detectors

Are you looking to control your energy waste more efficiency and effectively? If so, our compressed air leak detectors are the ideal solution. By using and operating with air leak detectors in your business you can take advantage of various benefits such as:

  • Automation & Work Saving – By using compressed air leak detectors, you will reap the benefits of easy operation, a better working environment and the process can be automated, meaning you won’t have to call someone out every time to test.
  • Quality Improvement – By having an air leak detector at your disposal, you can constantly improve your performance and leak standards can be quantified.
  • Cost Cutting – By having an air leak detection system, you’ll be able to save and cut cost longer term. Due to the affordable running cost of these systems, you’ll be able to save money longer term and yield rate will improve.

Check out our compressed air leak detectors today. One of our most popular detectors is the Leak detector with camera LD 500/510. Also known as an ”ultrasonic leak detector”, your brand new system will help you easily identify compressed air leaks. It’s said that in a typical industrial air compressed system, up to 20-30% or air is wasted because of leaks. Our industry-leading air detection systems will help combat this problem and save you money.

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